How to create, add Power BI report in Dynamics Marketing and Display it in Dynamics Marketing Home page

How to create, add Power BI report in Dynamics Marketing and Display it in Dynamics Marketing Home page



This document explains how to:


  • Create Power BI report.
  • Add Power BI report to office 365 and Display it in Dynamics Marketing home page.


More Information


Steps to Connect to OData to create your Report


Step 1: Got to HomeàSite Setting and copy the Link under (Organization Data Serviceà Protocol: OData (REST)


Note: if you don’t have access to site setting, please check with your administrator.




Step 2: open a Blank Excel sheetàChoose Power Query tabà From other SourcesàFrom OData Feed



Step 3: Copy the URL from Step 1 and Paste it in the below Form and Press OK



Step 4: You will be prompted to sign in with your organization Credentials, so please sign in using your Dynamics Marketing credentials and press save.



Step 4: Once you sign in, Dynamics Marketing Tables will be displayed on the left to start creating your required reports:



Pre-requisite to add Power BI Report to your Dynamics Marketing home page:

  • Office 365 environement should Have Power BI for office 365 installed (Please check with your administrator)
  • Please ask the administrator to assign you Power BI License to be able to execute the below steps.
  • Report you have created from the above steps


Steps to add Power BI report to Dynamics marketing Home Page

Step 1: Login to your Office 365 admin center.

Step 2: Click on Sites on top of page.

Step 3: Click on Team Site



Step 4: Click on Power BI in left pane.



Step 5: Click on add and upload your report.



Step 6: Click on newly added report and copy the URL.



Step 7: Login to Dynamics marketingà On the home page, click Add ComponentsàClick on Power BIà Enter Titleà´âáPaste Power BI URL (Copied URL in previous step)àClick OK





Applies to:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (Mira)
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